18 Questions Without Answers, for amplified Turkish ney (Drake Mabry Publishing, forthcoming) [6 1/2’]

Five Short Pieces, for piano (Drake Mabry Publishing) [7 1/2’]

CAGE/in memoriam..., for guitar with electronic reverberation  (Drake Mabry Publishing) [6’]

Kaleidoscope II, for guitar (Drake Mabry Publishing) [5-8’]

Aphorisms, for alto recorder (Fallen Leaf Press) [12’]

Chronograph I,  for harpsichord (Fallen Leaf Press) [7 3/4’]

Chronograph III, for piano, published in Various Leaves, an anthology of new piano music (Fallen Leaf Press) [3’]

Chronograph IV, for piano (Fallen Leaf Press) [5 1/2’]

Sonata for Guitar, for guitar (Bèrben Editore) [14’]

Corporate Miniatures, for piano and Sprechstimme (performed by pianist) [1’]


La guitarra, for soprano, guitar and percussion (played by soprano), on poetry of Federico García Lorca (Turquoise Guitar Editions) [7’]

Chronograph II, for string quartet (Fallen Leaf Press) [6’]

Landscapes, for flute and guitar (Fallen Leaf Press) [11’]

Tombeau, for baroque flute and harpsichord (Fallen Leaf Press) [11’]

Fantasia, for recorder quartet (Fallen Leaf Press) [5 1/2’]

Threnody (in memoriam Eugen Dombois), for baroque flute, baroque violin, baroque 'cello and harpsichord [2 1/2’]

Further Reflections, for baroque flute, baroque violin, baroque 'cello and harpsichord [13’]

Four by Six, for violin and guitar [7’]

Fractal Sketches, for nine guitars [8’]

With the blink of time’s eye… homage to Toru Takemitsu, for two pianos and percussion [9 1/2’]

"still and still moving...", for eleven players – flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, violin I, violin II, viola, violoncello, piano, and two percussionists [14’]

Wind Structures, for recorder quartet [6’]

Suite with Contreparties, for baroque lute (or guitar) and harpsichord, to harpsichord works of Jacques Hardel [12 1/2’]


Innocent Diversions, for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, keyboard synthesizer and percussion, on texts of Gail Sher [13 1/2’]

Flower Seeks the Sun, for soprano and two pianos, on texts of Robert Lax [11’]


In and Out of Blue, for guitar and chamber orchestra [15’]

Five Short Pieces, for orchestra [7 1/2’]


Auto-Graph, for 2-channel digital sound [10 1/2’]

Recursive Forms, for 2-channel digital sound [7 1/2’]

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